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Twilight Walk Sponsor: Stillwaters Healing

The universe asked for a sponsor of the 2022 Twilight Walk, and Shawnah Marie of Stillwaters Healing answered.


Trained at the Aveda Institute, and with over 16 years experience, Shawnah truly has a heart to guide others on their self-care journey.

Her massages elevate and relax as your body releases the stress and emotional pain we all carry as tri-part beings.

With Shawnah to assist you, you will truly be ready to take the next step on your healing path with confidence. 



Shawnah shared: “My work as a massage therapist is truly a calling to help people connect with their mind, body, and spirit. Over the last 16 years I have been able to guide my clients through their pain journey and into total body wholeness, healing, and self-care. Whether you’re looking to add a thirty minute massage to your wellness routine, engage in massage therapy as you participate in my R.E.A.L. coaching and work through difficult emotions, or even if you’d like to arrange a Girls Night In Package with three of your favorite girlfriends, my goal is for massage to provide an escape from the everyday burdens of life.”



Don’t miss Shawnah’s customizable packages and add-ons, such as hot stones. There is a time and package available for everyone interested in self-care.

Visit Shawnah’s website and sign-up HERE to get started on your path to wholeness.


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