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Introducing: Kim Benoy

Kim is one of our 6 Twilight Walk Practitioners.  In addition, Kim is a retired nurse who has found a calling to inspire passion in midlife women using essential oils and a podcast called Midlife with Courage.  


Here is what Kim will be sharing with us on September 23rd:

"I will be offering a short essential oil experience to start out the evening, setting the mood for all of us to be open to experience what comes. Participants will feel the strong connection between the simple act of inhaling the scent of a natural gift from the earth and raising the energetic vibrations of all."  We are so honored to have Kim as part of the magic!

The Women's Twilight walk will feature 6 practitioners that will lead you through healing, insightful activities to assist your growth in positive, beautiful ways.

Sept. 23, 6:30-9pm.  Register here. 



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