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      Margo Johnson


Margo is one of our Twilight Walk Practitioners, and owns Open Heart Wellness, where she uses energy modalities and meditation to teach balancing of body, mind and emotions.  Margo focuses on restoring the body’s natural flow of energy, so the body can organically restore it’s functionality. 

I have personally experienced the 'quantum' benefits of working with Margo:

1)  tuning fork healing: it was a total re-calibration of my energy field and I felt clarity, balance and cleansed immediately-highly recommend

2) my 2 English Bulldogs contracted a neurological condition paralyzing the right sides of their bodies.  They cannot eat on their own, process information or walk correctly due to the paralysis.  Using quantum techniques, Margo identified specific issues, provided a variety of healing support and in only 48 hours I have seen improvement where the vets have been unable to help.  Grateful beyond words!

Here is what Margo has in store for us on September 23rd at the Twilight walk:

“ With the help of crystal singing bowls, I  will help you honor the inner work that you have accomplished.  We are the designers of our reality. I will create a space for you to awaken and embrace your powers to manifest a higher vibrational  world of unconditional love."

I hope you can experience this, register now.



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