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65.1 MILLION households...

Have pets!

and.....78% of them were acquired during the pandemic - wow!

There has also been an explosion in people investing in professional portraits of their fur babies. Why?

  • To honor you important family member

  • Unfortunately our pets do not last forever, and having a portrait is a loving memorial

  • Professional pet photographers are skilled at capturing our beloved furry one's personalities in a way we cannot, since we are so familiar with them

We are having a special fundraiser - a Pet Portrait Event on Sunday May 21, 12-4pm at 45th Parallel in New Richmond. You can enjoy refreshments while your pupster plays with furry friends, then let them enjoy a session with Bettie Scott, professional pet photographer.

For $35 you receive 3 edited photos, plus a portion goes to support the rescued animals at Pleasant Pasture Sanctuary in New Richmond.

Hope to see you on the patio - woof woof!


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