• Katherine Fossler

Bringing Yoga to LIFE Women's Twilight Walk - SNEAK PEEK #4

Hi everyone, please meet Tracey Mortensen, owner of Inspiring Actions Yoga and Women's Twilight Walk partner.

Tracey opened her first yoga studio in 2008 with a passion to spread health and wellness throughout the St. Croix Valley.

Tracey's own yoga practice began in 1999 and later became increasingly consistent during a stressful time in her life. As Tracey describes it: "turning to yoga completely changed my life and ultimately led me to becoming an instructor. I now, get to live my passion by helping others experience the benefits of yoga. I hold a special place in my heart for new people starting their yoga journey and offer my signature program, Yoga 101."

Here is what Tracey has in store for us on September 24th:

During our Twilight Walk, we will stand confidently in Mountain Pose, learn about posture and breath, as I guide you through a grounding meditation. This exercise will leave you will life skills that can help bring forward movement to your life.


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