• Katherine Fossler

Clear your aura and call back your energy at Women's Twilight Walk

Today we hear from Erica, one of the 4 Natural Healers that you will encounter on the Women's Twilight Walk.

"Hey friends Erica here with a new, up and coming movement named Boho Energy! Tapping into your personal gifts and trusting your intuition is the driving force behind this

vibrational movement. Everything is energy! Why not release what is no longer serving you and strengthen your connection to your higher self to appreciate who you are that much more. Boho Energy is a mixture of Reiki Energy Healing, Meditation Coaching, and Kids Yoga!

To give you a sneak peek - during the walk we'll be doing a fun energy clearing of your aura! Be prepared to call back your power, you deserve it and we need you, more than ever. Thank you for being here! Namaste.


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