• Katherine Fossler

Healing Through Hair

While having my hair cut at 4 North Beauty Collective the other day, salon owner Tanya (one of our Women's Twilight Walk partners) shared some powerful insights that I wanted you to ponder as well, enjoy!

"There are so many aspects of the hair salon that most don't realize or think about while they are coming in for "just a haircut".

One of the main reasons we have to hold a professional license is because we physically touch people. The power of touch is really overlooked in our society today because we are

all being conditioned to stay away from and NOT touch one another or that touch is bad in general.

Truth Note: Touch is a basic need. We have basic needs to thrive as happy & healthy human beings and hairstylists help support this need. Some people only have physical touch when they receive a haircut and a scalp massage at the shampoo bowl.

People that live alone, stay at home parents, those that are isolated because of their work and a variety of other situations - these leave people feeling lonely - and at the hair salon, they receive touch, attention, connection and conversation.

See.... it's not just a haircut." Tanya


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