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Let's celebrate spring!

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

ALL the creatures at Pleasant Pasture have spring fever, including the humans!

  • The wild creatures at the Sanctuary are so beautifully noisy! Frogs, crickets, birds and more are in constant chorus

  • It has been 6 months since the cattle and hogs have seen green grass and it is so yummy!

  • The cats are lazing in the sun and wrestling each other in the warm dirt

According to the Scientific American publication: "There's an illness that has been documented by poets for centuries. Its symptoms include a flushed face, increased heart rate, appetite loss, restlessness and daydreaming. It's spring fever, that wonderfully amorphous disease we all recognize come April and May."

Let's Celebrate Spring!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Picnic at the park

  • Attend an event at the Sanctuary

  • Go to a farmer's market

  • Backyard camping

  • Watch an outdoor movie

  • Dance in the rain

  • Spring cleaning (& donate to our garage sale)

  • Dig in the dirt

  • Eat on a restaurant patio

  • Watch a local sporting event



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