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More than 4 cats is a what?

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

I will not keep you guessing - it is a COLONY.

Felines are solitary hunters, but when plentiful food is not an issue, they often hang out together, forming a colony. This term is used for feral and domesticated cats alike.

At Pleasant Pasture Sanctuary we have two types of cats forming our Colony:

1) Sanctuary cats: these cats are at the farm because a loving human rescued them from a less than ideal situation and they are here to live with us the rest of their natural lives. They are neutered/spayed and receive regular medical care. They LOVE the canned food they get every morning and dry chow is available 24/7

2) Visiting cats: these are curious, probably feral felines that randomly 'drop by' at the Sanctuary. We do not see them every day, sometimes not even for months.

These independent critters stop by for some chow, a warm up in our barn and then go on their way. We are happy that we can provide some respite from the difficult lives they lead outside the Sanctuary

Our Sanctuary Colony is 10 cats strong, and they are purring love machines.

Your generous donation of just $5/month will help us keep them in chow, canned food and litter, while knowing they are safe, warm and loved!


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