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Spring Motivation and free farm tours!

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Okay it doesn't feel or look like spring yet - it has been grey and cold.

However the Sanctuary animals are full on celebrating spring!

The birds are VERY chirpy and happy, Barley the formerly drunken pig is digging up grubs like nobody's business and the cattle are frisky!

Let's follow their lead and start our Spring Cleaning - maybe if we collectively engage in this forward movement we will summon reluctant Spring with it's warmth and sunshine.

Try this solid plan to de-clutter and get motivated welcome spring.

Then make a difference for the animals with you unwanted stuff - donate it to the Sanctuary where it will support our Garage Sale fund raiser. We will provide a tax deductible receipt and 2 tickets for a FREE farm tour! Thank you in advance for your life changing donations. Email , pm or call 651-728-3141 to arrange donation drop off/pick up.


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