• Katherine Fossler

Wait - Bracelets can do WHAT?

  • I have experienced the calming effect of the right essential oil at the right time.

  • I have felt the healing energy of a crystal held in my hand.

  • Little did I know that these powerful elements can be right at my wrist, all day every day - in a the form of a beautiful, fashionable bracelet!

Meet Lacey, the mastermind behind these works of art. "At Lunabella Bracelets, we are passionate about combining fashion while harnessing the benefits of pure plant extracts and the healing properties of natural stones. We were established in 2020 with the simple vision of helping people to be more mindful through aromatherapy and wearable art."

Lacey has generously offered a complimentary bracelet to our Women's Twilight Walk attendees - we are so grateful!

You can visit Lunabella Bracelets at, or find them on Facebook and Instagram @lunabella.bracelets


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