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WHAT is that smell?

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Poop, scat, #2, manure and more! Did you know there are different styles of pooing?

The cattle are poo-on-the-go types. They 'go' when they are eating, walking, taking treats from your hand - they don't care when, where or how.

The pigs are very different.

They have 'bathroom' areas in their pens, and only 'do their business' in that small, dedicated area.

It seems that each cat in the colony does it their own way. Some use one or all 4 litter boxes, some (unfortunately) use the dirt floor in the shed, some like the field grass latrine, the worse is pictured above - in a hog trough - not okay!

If you like where this blog is 'going' (get it? tee-hee) click here for fun animal poopy facts.


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