About the Farm

We believe that animals are gentle teachers, and that they can help us become the people we are meant to be.

We believe that all of God's creatures deserve love, respect and to live out their lives in peace and comfort.

What We Do

At Pleasant Pasture, we provide a loving forever home for farm animals in need.


Secondly, we create opportunities for humans to connect - with nature, with the animals, with themselves and with other humans

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Who We Are

Greetings from Terry and Katherine, the founders of Pleasant Pasture. 


We have experienced the  healing, love and compassion that animals selflessly GIVE to humans and we are forever changed by these gifts.

They patiently teach us the lessons we most need to learn, often without us knowing.

Because of these powerful, beautiful gifts we are forever thankful to animals and are offering a small expression of gratitude in return - Pleasant Pasture.  

Join the Cause

Let's make the world a better place!

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