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About the Sanctuary

Pleasant Pasture Rescue was created in response to the HUGE number of animals in need in our community.

(see our IMPACT by the numbers below)

FACT #1: Behind most animals is a LOVING FAMILY, wanting desperately to do the right thing for for all parties involved.  We offer support and connection to resources

FACT #2: This is WISCONSIN, and many non-traditional animals are beloved pets, including cattle, horses, pigs and chickens.  Having to surrender non-traditional pets is just as painful as rehoming a dog or cat


Our Mission: Positively impact the St. Croix Valley by offering hope to animals in need, while connecting people to the healing power of nature and community

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Our Impact by the numbers


Statistics reflect 2023 YTD 6/30/23:​

  •  28   Animals in permanent residence

  •  18   Animals adopted to new homes

  • 234  Families assisted with rehoming

  • 82    Children visitors

  • 233   Adult visitors​

Get Involved

Be part of the positive solution in our community.  

It takes a village and we all benefit when there is compassion:

Financial Support

Sponsor an Animal

Volunteer or Adopt

Wish List

Attend Event

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