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Pigs prepare for the colder weather

The pigs at Pleasant Pasture are savoring this mid-December cool, not COLD weather.

They are spending time napping in the sun soaking up and storing the sunshine for days ahead.

Check out Marge's ear hair in this photo - she has twice as much as any of her siblings.

Everyone's hair thickening in preparation for winter. Pig hair is called a 'bristle', and is a stiff hair or feather. The bristles on our pigs are 6-8" in length and cover most of their body with the exclusion of their tummies.

The Sanctuary pigs enjoy more treats and bigger meals as the days get cooler so they have a nice layer of fat to keep them cozy in the days ahead. Oink oink! Please consider sponsoring the Hog Family, and receive fun updates with photos every month while supporting their nutritional needs.


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