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And the Winners are.....

2022 Volunteers of the year are Gina Klatt (& family), Kim Benoy (& Jake).

Both ladies receive the "Above & Beyond" award, presented by Mr. Buttons.

The "Above & Beyond" award is our highest award, reserved for those that have given freely of not only their time and talents at Sanctuary tours and events - but gone "above & beyond" by proudly representing the Sanctuary at external events, created and sold products that benefit the Animals, and raised awareness of our work in other, creative ways.

We asked Gina and Kim why they give so freely to the Sanctuary, and this is what they said:

Kim: I love animals and appreciate the joy and peace they bring to us without any strings attached. I want other people to see these creatures as more than just pasture ornaments, they are living, breathing, feeling beings who deserve to be treated kindly. Interacting with kids and families by volunteering will foster that appreciation in a new generation. Also, I love hanging out with the animals, especially my favorite Mr. Buttons!

Gina: we love helping good people do great things, especially when it contributes to the health and safety of animals!

Thank you so much Gina and Kim - meow...moo...oink oink


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