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Baby Farm Animal Trivia

At Sanctuary Events we play 'farm trivia' and give really nice prizes.

How much do you know about baby farm animals?

Let’s start with goats. Baby goats are called kids. Young females are called doelings, while young males are called bucklings. Birthing is called kidding. If as a human you have given birth there is NO kidding about it!

Farrowing is the term used for a sow giving birth to a litter of piglets, and raising the young pigs to weaning age. A gilt is a young female, and boars are males, although we typically think of boars as adult breeding males.

When a mother horse (mare) has a baby, it’s called a foal. A young male is called a colt, and a young female is called a filly. Birthing is called foaling.

Rabbits have really strange terms. Kindling is the name of the birth process, to give birth is to kindle. All newborn baby rabbits are called kits. A male is a buck, and a female is a doe.

A young chicken female is called a pullet, and a young male is called a cockerel. A newly hatched bird is called a chick.

Now you are ready for spring and ready to win Farm Trivia!


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