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Drunk as a pig?

A young pig was hiding out in the ditch alongside the road for over a week, running in and out of the bordering woods. He was lost, scared and hungry.

A local family was very concerned he would be hit by a car, and decided to catch him and bring him to safety. How hard can it be to catch a pig?

Turns out it is VERY difficult to catch a pig! especially a frightened pig.

They tried it all - treats, goats milk, pig chow, baby talk and more. They were about to give up when they heard about getting him drunk! Well, if it would save his life, they had to try it - and it worked!

They were able to catch him and bring him home where they fed him and slowly gained his trust. The piglets name? Barley of course!

Farmer Terry and I retrieved Barley from this kind family in northwest Wisconsin fall of 2022, and brought him to his forever home at Pleasant Pasture. While he misses the beer, he has gained over 650 pounds and is about 7 feet long, 4 feet tall with a BIG voice!

Please consider becoming a monthly sponsor for Barley - you will receive monthly updates and photos of the BIG guy, and will help support his food habit. We really appreciate it, and so will Barley! Oink oink.....


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