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Feel the Power: FLOWER ESSENCE

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Flowers gift us in so many ways: scent, beauty and more. They also have powerful healing qualities that can be captured and preserved in an 'essence'.

Sacred Ibis Botanicals has stepped forward to bless the Women's Twilight Walk attendees with the gift of a free FLOWER ESSENCE Self Heal.

This made with love, small batch essence is used to tap into your own health giving properties, to promote healing at all levels - physical, mental and spiritual.

Phyllis Jaworski is the creator of Sacred Ibis Botanicals located in Hudson, WI.

Phyllis is a Master Herbalist that specializes in women's hormonal health. She supports women suffering from hormonal issues such as fibroids, endometriosis and other hormonal issues to reconnect with their body to achieve a greater quality of life and vitality. To do this she creates hand-made tailored herbal products such as tinctures, salves and teas to supplement personalized herbal health protocols.

Phyllis offers a complimentary 30 minute Healthy Hormone Strategy as well as packages to support her clients to get the best results. You can find Phyllis at her website, on Facebook @sacredibisbotanicals or Instagram @sacredibisbotanicals


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