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BIG Spidey!

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Spiders arouse more curiosity for me than fear. For Farmer Terry it is total fear around the little guys. Did I say little? Oh no, not at the Sanctuary. We grow them BIG!

Orb spiders are the type we see the most. They have placed beautiful webs all over the barn inside and out. My favorite is the pretty girl on the right just as you enter the barn. She has the best 'home' location too it seems, always full of yummy snacks.

5 reasons spiders are important: #1. Spiders eat household pests Your home can be a haven for all kinds of insects like ants, roaches, flies, and more. Spiders make a meal of these pests, so your home doesn’t become overrun. Spiders also eat each other, which keeps their population in check, as well. Long-legged cellar spiders are even known to attack black widow spiders, which are dangerous to humans. #2. Spiders benefit crops The world depends on agriculture. In the fields, there’s a wide variety of pests like aphids and caterpillars. Spiders eat these insects, keeping the harvests healthy. Spiders prevent all our crops from being “consumed.” #3. Spiders are good for gardens Spiders also help smaller-scale gardeners, especially those committed to staying organic. Rather than rely on chemicals for pest control, let spiders feast on moths, mites, aphids, weevils, and other bugs. Other creatures (like ladybugs and birds) also eat garden pests, but studies indicate that spiders are the best hunters. #4. Spiders kill off disease-carrying insects Insects are not only annoying when found in your home or garden. They often carry serious diseases. Fleas, flies, and cockroaches can spread plague, typhoid, cholera, and more. Mosquitoes also spread illnesses (like malaria) that kill more people each year than any other animal. Spiders weave webs that are very effective at catching small insects and hindering the spread of disease. #5. Spider venom can treat medical conditions Most spiders have venom, but only a few types are dangerous for humans. The black widow spider’s venom causes nausea, muscle aches, and potentially death, but scientists have been exploring its medical benefits. Research on the venom’s effect on cancer cells looks promising. Another spider, the Fraser Island funnel-web spider, has venom with a molecule that delays the effects of brain strokes.

Thank a spider today! More fun spider facts here.


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