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Have you found a kindness stone?

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

In a South Dakota campground I found a beautifully painted stone, lovingly placed in the grass by a fence post.

What a delightful surprise! I felt joy, curiosity - and pretty special to have found it.

I did some research and learned that it was a kindness stone - a stone painted with an inspirational message or image, left in a place where a lucky person will find it - done purely to spread joy and kindness.

I love this concept so much that we are going to be painting stones at our upcoming Sanctuary Farm Tours beginning Sat. 8/20.

All ages can participate. We will have the paint, you come with the stones and creativity. Upcoming tours can be found here - make sure you pre-register so we can have enough materials.

The world needs more kindness - let it start with us.


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