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Never too late for love

It was 2 years ago, on a below zero, blizzardy night that Tommy Cat first appeared at the Sanctuary. We were doing our 'before bedtime' check in the barn and there he was - missing an ear, eyes swollen shut, dragging his back legs and very very thin. He was too weak to run when he saw us. We put a can of cat food in front of him, a bed of soft hay around his bony body and prayed that he made it through the night.

He did make it, and healed best he could from his wounds. The first year he picked a fight with anyone (feline or human) that got within 10 feet and was a total loner. This year he has been more friendly, eating with the other cats and as we caught in this photo last week - CUDDLING with them (he is the orange one). Actually it seems they are surrounding him with love, warmth and acceptance. It is NEVER too late to find your chosen family and to find love.

Holiday Blessings to you and your chosen family - be it human or furry, makes no difference. Please find compassion in your heart to support the Sanctuary so we can continue to offer LOVE to precious souls like Tommy Cat.


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