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Rescue Close Up: SIX Little Piggies

Early spring 2019 we received a call from a concerned individual that a local pig farmer was going to 'dispose' of 6 piglets because he could not care for them after their mother passed away. We had just started our sanctuary and did not have 'pig ready' space, especially for little ones requiring hands on care and indoor housing.

But that did not stop us. We said YES we will take them and then we (Terry) got busy!

Days later the 6 little piglets, about the size of a football arrived at Pleasant Pasture, their forever home.

They have received love, respect and yummy food since that day and it shows! They are now around 650 pounds and the most affectionate creatures on the farm.

Terry is their favorite human and they love to 'rub' up on him and 'help' him whenever he is doing repairs or clean up in their pasture. We named them after my deceased uncles and aunts: Elsa (pictured above with the red ear), Irma, Margie, Herman, Johnnie and Billy.

If you are moved to support these majestic creatures financially, your gift will be used for the ongoing needs of the Six Little Piggies: hay, straw, pig chow, annual vet visit. A reoccurring monthly gift would be most appreciated "oink, oink!"


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