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What is a Sanctuary?

The dictionary definition is: a place of refuge or safety. Last week I was asked an interesting question: "do the cattle know how lucky they are to be here?"

Well, the herd would all be butchered years ago if they were not at the Sanctuary, so that is certainly lucky! They have the best food, clear water, shelters filled with soft straw and room to roam.

These cattle are valued for the majestic creatures they are, without needing to 'return' anything to humans. Just allowing us the joy of being near and observing their quirky, individual behaviors as they live out their natural lives in peace and safety.

Yes I can now thoughtfully answer - they DO know how lucky they are - but so are all of us that have the privilege of being in their presence.

The herd eats tons of hay (literally!) - 38 pounds per day per animal = 70,000 pounds of hay per year, and just under 35 tons.

Please consider a reoccurring donation of $10 a month, it would make a significant difference and you will be supporting life.


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