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LOVE: Handsome Karl & Moo Puppy

These are the lucky ones - rescued 4 years ago. Moo Puppy and Handsome Karl are ALWAYS close to each other, sharing a strong brotherly bond. Farmer Terry and I were visiting a farm to learn how they care for livestock in the winter. One of the steers kept walking by, 'making eyes' as if he wanted to communicate. I started interacting with him.

As we were leaving a stock truck pulled up and the steers were loaded for market. The steer I had been 'talking' with was in that group. I ran over and said that he was NOT going to market, he was coming home with me! I could not let that gentle soul get on the truck. We didn't know how we were going to get him home or feed him, etc. but I knew we would figure it out. And we did. Now Handsome Karl is celebrating his 4th year at the Sanctuary enjoying time with his brother Moo Puppy who was living on that same farm in a small calf hut as a veal calf product. Karl is always close to Moo Pups, caring for him like the gentle big brother he is.

The financial commitment from people just like yourself has made it possible for Karl and Moos to live peaceful, forever lives at Pleasant Pasture.

Please consider a gift of compassion to the animals that call Pleasant Pasture their forever home. They will send monthly notes and photos so you can watch their healing progress.


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