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Yoga for ALL?

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

I love yoga, and I thought it was only for adults.

I had not heard of Children's Yoga or Family Yoga...until I met Erica, owner of Boho Energy.

Erica explained the incredible benefits that happen when we teach children to pay better attention to their breathing and how to understand their feelings and actions through movement and mindfulness. Erica shared "progress is never ending, and Children’s Yoga provides physical, mental, and emotional growth for young individuals. Yoga gives children the time to sit and decompress while gaining confidence and building valuable decision making skills." In Children's Yoga, kids experience story telling, imaginative poses, and laughter.

"Our goal is to guide them to become more aware of themselves, and the world around them" said Bowman.

Boho Energy will be sharing Children's/Family Yoga at our Farm Tour 7/16/22, donations accepted.


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