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2 1/2 years & 500 pounds later.....

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Oh how pigs can grow! These 6 siblings came to the Sanctuary after their momma died. The farmer didn't have the resources to care for the orphans and was going to dispose of them, but a kindly neighbor brought them to Pleasant Pasture instead where they are living out their natural lives in comfort and safety.

The first video is from 2 1/2 years ago where the hogs are about 50 pounds each, and the

second video is from this week where they range from 550 - 600 pounds each! Gentle reminder to watch your caloric intake this holiday season!

The only constant seems to be their BIG, floppy ears, an endearing quality indeed.

At the Sanctuary we feed the hogs only high quality, low fat show style pellets and fresh fruit and vegetables. This is to keep them as trim as a pig can be so they live long, healthy lives.

Pigs can have a natural life span of 15-20 years so that is a lot of bags of pig pellets!

You can sponsor one of these magnificent creatures for only $25/month, receiving monthly photos and updates on your floppy eared friend.


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