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Bath Bombs for the animals!

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

At last month's farm tour we mentioned that our cat colony has tripled in size since last winter, and that for everyone to stay warm, we would need 2 more 'double wide' heated cat houses. On the tour was Walter, with his brother, mom and dad. Young Walter is an animal lover and he was very troubled at the thought of cats that have been through so much already, not having a warm place to go in the

winter. He made it his mission to raise funds to purchase the heated cat houses. His solution? Bath Bombs! He is making and selling his special flower infused bath bombs with proceeds going towards the houses.

We are so thankful to Walter and can't wait to show photos of him with the houses and our rescue cats enjoying them!

Pleasant Pasture's mission is to connect children to the rescued animals, drawing out the inherent love and compassion that is in all of us.

Way to go Walter - YOU are a HERO!

You can be a HERO too by sponsoring an animal, or giving a year end gift here.

The animals thank you!


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