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Big Foot?

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Sometimes we forget that the Sanctuary is part of a larger, well developed and longstanding eco-system. Forest, field and prairie are all parts of the puzzle, as are the creatures that naturally inhabit the Sanctuary land, side by side with the rescued residents.

These animal tracks reminded us in a BIG way that we coexist with mystery.

A BIG bear left these reminders on the southwest side of the pasture. I wonder what the cattle thought when they saw momma and baby (there were baby bear tracks too).

We have seen the cattle quietly observe the 3 deer that live nearby as they bounded by the pasture. We have seen the hogs curiously poke at the gopher holes in their pen area, and the cats chase the wild birds and rodents. A gentle reminder that we humans, along with our domesticated furry friends are all just a small part of a BIG, ever changing and mysterious picture. Humbling....


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