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 Buster's Story: an update

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Warning: tough one to read - This little piggy has been doing some deep healing since he arrived at the Sanctuary 9 months ago. Buster (on the left in photo) has a story like every animal at Pleasant Pasture: a hog farmer in Spring Valley sold a family of pigs that included mom, dad and 7 siblings. The buyer participated in 'on farm' processing, where one by one the family was butchered in front of the other family members in the barn that once was their home. After 6 hours the barn fell silent. The farmer was mopping up and heard a soft whimper. It was Buster. From his hiding space under a hay bale he witnessed it all. He was the 8th sibling the farmer forgot about.

When the farmer called we rushed over to take the traumatized, young pig home to the Sanctuary, where he has experienced ongoing respect, compassion and love.

UPDATE: Buster has made tremendous progress! Buster has overcome many fears - we can now pet his head, hand feed him and brush him. He also no longer lets his pen-mate Barley bully him around, and they interact as equals. Tomorrow he will be moving with Barley to their new, bigger, outdoor home where they will meet, for the 1st time, the other 6 hogs. We will livestream on Facebook, at 6pm and the big move will be available on our feed after as well.

Please consider supporting Buster's continued healing journey with a $25/month sponsorship. You will receive monthly updates on his progress, and Buster approved photos.


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