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Hog Pile!

This is a photo of all 6 hogs (that is over 3,500 POUNDS of piggies!) in their house at the same time.

Three years ago Farmer Terry built a 6' x 5' lean to shelter for the pig family. In the winter, we a door on to keep warmth in and the weather out.

When they were little, just 35 pounds apiece, they loved to snuggle together in one shelter. Then as they they grew we added a 2nd shelter and assumed they would utilize both.

Sometimes they spread out, but still prefer to sleep in the same shelter at night, which is really sweet.

We have all heard the call action 'hog pile'! The dictionary definition is: A disorderly pile of people formed by jumping upon a victim.

There is nothing disorderly about the hog family at Pleasant Pasture - just love and much snoring!


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