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Honor your faithful animal companion waiting for you on the Rainbow Bridge

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

We know we will live longer than they will, but the loss of a beloved animal companion is heart wrenching and devastating.

The love of companion animals is what motivated us to create Pleasant Pasture, an expression of our love and gratitude for all of the gifts we have received from our fur-babies. They may be just part of our world, but remember that we are their WHOLE world.

We want to offer you the opportunity to continue your love, and their legacy - while blessing other animals still on this side of the Rainbow Bridge with a monthly donation in their honor.

You can even select an individual animal living at the Sanctuary to be the recipient of this memorial gift, and in exchange will receive monthly photos and updates.

We are honored to help you show your unending love and devotion, as you have received from them. Choose the option to dedicate your gift in memory of, and complete this form for your tax deductible gift. The animals thank you, and blessings on your reunion.


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