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Profile: Mr. Moo Puppy

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

One of the farmer's daughters fell in love with sweet Moo Puppy, giving him his endearing name because he acted more like a dog than a calf - wanting love and pets.

Moo Puppy was a sickly, skinny calf confined to an extremely small calf hut waiting to be sent to market for veal. The farmer's daughter was not going to let that happen, and she reached out to us. When we brought Moo home he was under 200 pounds, now 3 years later, he is around 2000 pounds - that's a lot of hay!

He loves to hang out with his big brother Handsome Karl, play with the Scottish Highland twins Carol and Henrietta and clean up the treat bowls. Moo Puppy still thinks he is the little one in the pen, and hangs back when the bowls are disbursed. But after everyone else is done he rushes in as clean up crew!

Moo Puppy is a gentle, loving fellow that still thinks he is a dog - and he is looking for sponsors. Would you be able to contribute $25/month for Moo Puppy's well being? It goes a long way, and in return you receive monthly photos and updates from Moo himself.



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