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Updated: Dec 21, 2022

In 2021 we had to say 'no' to 78 distraught, desperate people that needed to find homes for their beloved animals. We said 'no' because we didn't have room or funds to properly care for them. Although we do our best to help them find other loving, forever homes, it is heartbreaking. The need is great and resources limited.

Did you know that your gift to Pleasant Pasture is tax deductible goes 100% to the animals?

We donate 100% of our time, talent, and ALL overhead expenses (utilities, land, buildings, equipment) so your donation is used exclusively for food, veterinary care and bedding for the animals.

Please care for the animals

  • Monthly Sponsorship: monthly animal updates remind you of the good you are doing

  • One time Donation: allows you to choose amount

  • Other options: donations can be mailed to: Pleasant Pasture LLC, 1440 140th St, New Richmond, WI 54017; for special arrangements please call: Katherine @ 651-728-3141


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