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The softer side of Farmer Terry

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Farmer Terry, rough and gruff - the man our animals see every morning and night, day in and day out, nice weather / nasty weather - he is there making sure they are safe, comfortable and fed.

Yes, Farmer Terry is the man behind the scenes that keeps everything running

smoothly at Pleasant Pasture Sanctuary.

He is very git-r-done, matter-of-fact and.....simply ADORED by all the animals! The cows run to see him and rub on the skid steer when he puts hay in their managers; the cats ride in the gator with him, sit on his shoulder, encircle his feet. The pigs 'help' him clean their troughs, running to greet him and nibbling on his pant legs. And he loves every minute of it. This is the power of an animal's love - it can turn any day into a joyous event, and the gruffest of us into a softie. Thank you for everything Farmer Terry!


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