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Warren the Warrior Steer

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Before I can tell you about Warren, I need to share the story of his twin sisters, Henrietta and Carol.

These two sweet Scottish Highland heifers were deemed useless at birth because they would never be big enough to breed- according to the farmer. He was going to dispose of them when a kindly neighbor got permission for them to come to Pleasant Pasture.

The neighbor told us about the twin's big brother - a steer that watched over and guarded them day and night - as if he knew they were vulnerable.

We couldn't bear the thought of this steer - only a year older than the young twins being separated from his little sisters, and we were also worried about coyotes hurting the twins. We have coyotes passing through the farm, and the animals are able to run away or intimidate them. However, the small weak heifers would not be able to defend themselves.

Enter: Warren the Warrior! Warren is technically not a rescue - we paid full market price for the big boy, but would have it no other way. The reunion with his little sisters was joyful and ever since that blessed day he has once again been their guardian and guide.

Warren IS a Warrior, and if you have met him, you know he is sassy and loves to eat treats from you hand.

Warren is a crowd favorite, especially with the ladies, and our online store features him on many of our products.

Consider being Warren the Warrior's SPONSOR: Proceeds support his hay habit!


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Go Walter! Your story is inspiring.

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