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We can't help them all, but we can help him!

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

On our way to see Buttons, Farmer Terry kept saying - 'we don't have room for another steer'. After seeing the sad and unsafe conditions he was living in - Farmer Terry said 'maybe we can't help them all, but we can help this one!'

Life is full of exceptions and like the tragedy filled story of Buster - Mr. Button's heart wrenching situation pushed us to somehow make it work.

Buttons is a 4 year old steer spared from the inevitable because the Farmer's Wife fell in love with him as a calf. After 6 months she was forced to make a decision - rehome or say good bye forever. Fortunately for Buttons, he became the very first rescue at a brand new Sanctuary in Knapp, WI - perfect! Then family concerns forced the Sanctuary founders to move to St. Paul, MN leaving Buttons and the other rescues behind. The other smaller animals were rehomed, but with his horns and large size (a foot taller than our other steers!) Buttons was homeless and unwanted.

Mr. Buttons came to the Sanctuary a week ago tomorrow. He is in quarantine, getting a series of shots and veterinarian care. Mr. Buttons needs your help - can you spare $25/month sponsorship to help him continue to heal, adjust and eat the special diet required to get him back to health? The Button-ator is grateful and will send monthly photos and personal note in return.


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