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When Children Smile

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

When a baby smiles, everyone smiles with it! That is what we have found at Pleasant Pasture Sanctuary. We have also experienced how children of all ages seem to know when they are surrounded by love and safety, just like our animal residents, and we witness:

  • Babies giggling and expressing delight at the touch of a cat's fur

  • Teens and pre-teens losing themselves in the 'art' of feeding biscuits to the cattle

  • Children learning together how to feed the hogs just right amidst much laughter

Animals bring out a joyful, playful, compassionate side in all of us, and children express it most freely.

Our favorite story of compassion inspired action in 2021 is of Walter. A young boy who attended a Farm Tour, where he learned that the Cat Colony didn't have enough heated houses for the winter. He was so moved that he found a way to raise the money himself!

Please consider a tax deductible, monthly gift to the animals. It allows us to continue sharing the smiles, compassion and lessons of love.


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