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Why Marge LOVES Valentines Day

Large-in-charge-Marge is a 600 pound sow that calls Pleasant Pasture Sanctuary her forever home. Every Valentine's Day she dresses up in hearts. Here she is wearing her Valentine's Day scarf, a fan favorite. Marge loves Valentine's Day because February 14th, 2019 she and her 5 orphaned siblings were adopted by the Sanctuary - their salvation day! Their Momma died giving birth, and the future of the 6 orphans was in question. The farmer was too busy to bottle feed the brood, and without the body heat of Momma, the piglets were weak and sickly, unlikely to survive for long. Farmer Terry brought the cuties home to the Sanctuary where they have gained 530 pounds (each!) in the past 3 years.

Marge and her 5 siblings are majestic, friendly, curious and smart! Marge would love for you to consider sponsoring her. For only $25/month you can ensure she has fresh veggies to eat and receive a monthly photo and update from the Large, in Charge one herself. Love, peace and compassion - Happy Valentine's Day!


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