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Winter IS coming-keeping the animals safe, warm & comfy

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

There is definitely a chill in the morning air these days.

The pigs and cattle are totally enjoying the fall weather - this is their preferred season, however we are noticing the pigs hair getting thicker and longer, and the cattle's downy undercoat is filling in nicely. So as they bask and snore, Mother Nature is preparing them.

This is our busiest season at the Sanctuary - we want to be ready before the snow and cold come! This year our chore list includes:

  • Purchasing 3 new 'double wide' heated cat houses to keep the new rescue cats safe & warm

  • Putting the doors back on the pig shelters to keep the cold out and the warmth in

  • Spreading straw on the floor of the pig and cattle shelters for additional comfort

  • Filling in the pig 'wallow' hole so they don't trip over it when the snow comes

  • Purchasing 'sweet feed' for the cattle to rev up their metabolism, producing heat

  • Purchasing hay for the winter: 4 months, 1 bale lasts 5 days = 30 large bales needed

Whew! Much to do, but it is very rewarding - we can see the gratitude in their eyes and hear it in their snorts.

There are so many ways you can support the animals this winter:

  • Sponsor an animal with a monthly gift - pick your favorite, receive monthly pics and updates

  • Help buy a Double Wide heated cat house for the new cat rescues

  • One time gift for hay, straw, sweet feed

  • Corporate gift - check with your employer about their community support programs

Stay warm!


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