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You can SEE the grass grow!

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Twin sisters Henrietta and Carol LOVE fresh grass clippings. The cattle are SO happy there is finally green grass to eat! They are spending long days peacefully grazing and chewing their cud.

It seems the grass grew 5" overnight! Actually, the rate of grass growth depends on the type of grass, weather, amount of sun, water and other factors.

Generally, grass grows at a rate of 2 to 6 inches a month, or an average of .06 to .20 inches a day, which is still very impressive.

Grass not only tastes great to the Sanctuary animals, it is really good for them.

Grass contains an abundant source of fiber/roughage and since is is a living green food it contains phytonutrients and is also high in potassium and also chlorophyll.

Grass is also a good source of digestive enzymes.

We are in the planning stages of adding a 3rd pasture to expand the availability of grass for the herd. They will be SO excited!!!

In human terms, field grass is like chocolate that is also good for you!


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