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Brotherly Love: Butch & Billy the Kid

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Butch and Billy are 'barn brothers', meaning that they came from the same barn on the same farm. We aren't sure they are true siblings because there were SO many cats in the barn the farmer

had lost track. Often a farmer starts with a 'mouser' or two and pretty soon there is a cat population explosion, with unfortunate side effects of birth defects, disease, malnutrition.

We are so glad Butch and Billy the Kid have become part of our Cat Colony at Pleasant Pasture.

Butch is very light colored, almost white, and Billy is more orange. Billy makes an unique meow sound - it is the first part of ME-OW, but only the ME. Super cute!

Here they play with the pigs - yes the pigs! the other cats and of course each other. Love knows no bounds.

Please consider a $10/month donation for cat food. This will help us continue to provide canned wet food once a day and dry kibble throughout the day for our purring friends.


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