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Hoo are ye?

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

That's a friendly Scottish greeting you can use next time you see the Sanctuary's 3 Scottish Highland cattle - Warren the Warrior Steer and his little sisters The Twins: Henrietta and Carol.

As their name indicates, Scottish Highland Cattle originated in that area of Scotland, and were first recorded in a herd book in 1885.

The Scottish Highlands are a mountainous region encompassing northwest Scotland.

Loch Ness is at the center, overlooked by the ruins of medieval Urquhart Castle and known for mythical monster “Nessie”.

This breed of cattle are extremely hardy, have strong, sturdy legs, long shaggy coats, males and females both have horns.

This is the perfect ancestry for these majestic, gentle and beautiful creatures.

The Twins could use some sponsors - please consider a monthly gift.

In return you receive an exclusive photo and update directly from Henrietta and Carol every month.


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