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Magic Cats

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Many powerful ancient civilizations held cats in high esteem. The Egyptians had their own Goddess of Cats, named Bast, and the ancient Greeks and Romans also associated cats with fertility, the moon, and in India, cats symbolized childbirth.

Cats are by nature very independent and tenacious. Even if they are abandoned by humans, they have the innate ability to survive in the wild, and if you have been around cats, you know they never go out of their way to please humans.

Naturally graceful and elegant, cats have a mysterious quality about them. They can see well in the dark and they love to move around at night.

The Cat Colony at Pleasant Pasture is very mysterious. There is the core group that greets us daily, then there are, in the shadows - at least 3 other felines carefully observing.

Everyone who visits, especially the children love to pet the cats. They have an incredibly calming and balancing effect on anyone who is near them. Stroking a cat can truly feel like a therapeutic healing session = MAGIC!

The next time you are petting a cat, feel all your stress just melting away and all the negative energy leaving your body. Relax to the sound of their purring and immerse yourself in the sense of pure bliss taking you over. You will feel harmonious and your mind will be at ease.


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