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Tearing it up!

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Henrietta the Highland Heifer is feeling SO frisky this week - must be spring fever!

She was just a little, weak, sickly thing 3 years ago - less than 90 pounds. Same with her twin sister Carol. They were both so afraid of humans it took 6 weeks before they would take treats from our hands. Their big brother, Warren the Warrior Steer was key to their healing and learning to trust. Warren never had a problem taking treats - in fact he has been the Treat Bully since day one, even pushing Handsome Karl away to get more more more!

Capture Henrietta's free spirit and commitment to self love by joining us on April 22nd when we honor her by painting her portrait at Belle Vinez in River Falls. A portion of proceeds will directly benefit the cattle, and you will enjoy the healing effects yourself of creative expression, networking and some of the best wine in the St. Croix Valley!


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