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The REAL Mr. Buttons

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

You know how it is when you are just getting to know someone. You are both cautious about what you reveal, and bit by bit as you feel safe, you become more authentic and real.

Well we have been on that journey with the amazing Mr. Buttons, a 4 year old dairy steer. The Button-a-tor arrived at the Sanctuary about 2 months ago from another Sanctuary that needed to rehome him. Read the full story here.

Buttons stands a foot taller than any of our

other cattle, and has the most amazing, graceful, curved horns! Shy at first, Buttons liked to run back and forth in his pasture, showing his excitement at meal times and coming close to the fence, then running back away.

Mr. Buttons is now feeling at home, safe and loved at Pleasant Pasture and he is showing his REAL self - always at the fence for love and treats, endlessly curious, rubbing his horns on his red shelter until he has red horns, and photo bombing all our pictures!

He is the Sanctuary's Gentle Giant. Please consider sponsoring this beautiful creature with a monthly gift - each month we will send an exclusive photo and a message from Mr. Buttons himself.


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