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Wild Things

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

A few days ago the entire cattle herd was watching something in the woods just beyond the pasture, something I could not see. I waited patiently until a doe and twin fawns cautiously emerged from the brush. They walked within 2 feet of the cattle as they made their way to another field. From the way deer and cattle were both behaving - ignoring each other basically, I knew this had happened many times before.

It is so interesting that our resident rescues have 'neighbors' that we humans may never know about. The not so hidden creatures that we see at the Sanctuary are wild rabbits, birds of all kinds, one beaver, one possum that was eating HUGE amounts of cat food in the barn until we made the cat door smaller and he couldn't get his belly through!

We also have bear visitors under the cover of dark, leaving scat and foot print gifts.

We are all part of a bigger eco-system, and what we do affects more than we can see or know. Be kind - and Blessings on your day!


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