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Bodacious Mr. Buttons

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Buttons is celebrating his 4th month at the Sanctuary.

He was never shy - especially when it involved treats, but lately we are noticing a new side of Buttons emerging - the social, affectionate, 'up in your stuff' Buttons - and we love it!

Kim, one of our volunteers was skeptical of cattle, never having been around them. She was willing to learn how to give them treats and was soon showing guests - adults' and children alike how to feed the herd. Last week she shared that Mr. Buttons won her heart, and was the 'new man in her life'.

Love the selfie they took together.

Our work at the Sanctuary is rewarding in so many ways, and watching the animal residents feel safe enough to show their real personalities right up there on the list!

Please consider sponsoring one of these dear souls as they continue to heal from past trauma. Thank you!


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