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Get uncomfortable - volunteer!

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

I always feel SO GOOD after volunteering. A sense of satisfaction from making a difference, meeting new people in my community and helping out. However, sometimes volunteering pushes me out of my comfort zone. Learning or performing something new, with people I may not know, can be a personal growth opportunity aka uncomfortable! But that is how we expand and grow. Read about the surprising benefits of volunteering here!

At Pleasant Pasture we have not actively pursued volunteers - they have shown up at the Sanctuary doorstep (literally) with their gifts, time and talents. These volunteers have made powerful contributions in so many ways - and they walk away with BIG smiles, full hearts and usually dirty boots!

We invite you to consider volunteering at Pleasant Pasture.

Learn more at our Introduction to Volunteering at the Sanctuary session May 10th, 5:45pm.

Together we can fulfill the Sanctuary's purpose*, and get dirty boots together too!

6 benefits of volunteering:

1) sense of purpose

2) sense of community

3) new friends

4) social skills

5) confidence, self-esteem

6) happiness

*Pleasant Pasture Purpose 1) providing a forever home for animals in need, and 2) connecting people with nature, community and themselves


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